Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Heights Oasis

When two people live under one roof for the first time, compromise is key. Thankfully for this couple of young professionals, there was little compromising to be had. Their home in the Heights was designed with the bigger picture in mind: achieving harmony and balance. From living room, dining room, to bed room, a continuity runs through much like a serene river delivering peace and calm to each space. Deep, rich walnut offers structure to the neutral hues of gray and blue, with accented silver like reflections of sunrays off water.


 The living room serves as the center of the home, complete with fireplace and piano to make it a truly warm and inviting space. Because the fireplace is tucked away in a corner, it can’t exactly serve as a focal point in this living room despite matching the color and textures of the flooring and furniture. This presented an interesting design challenge, but strategic placement of furnishings, artwork, and other important pieces is crucial to overcoming this obstacle. For example, L-shaped sectional helps to close off a space where guests can enjoy the warmth from the fire in the comfort of the low, streamlined sofa that opens up the entire room. 

Two living room must-haves: pooch-proof furniture and a piano. Imagine snuggling up with your pup, humming along to a sweet melody played by your significant other. This couple wanted just that: furniture that was comfortable, durable, and stylish where they could relax with their dog and guests alike.

This living room lends a relaxed mid-century modern feel with geometric patters accenting the neutral colors and natural woods. The furnishings feature crisp lines that offer straightforward functionality and organization to the room.

Old fashionistas may tell you that black and brown can simply never, ever go together- but that rule is simply outdated! While we can’t escape the black plastic of today’s entertainment technology necessities, we can definitely embrace it. No need to hide these sleekly engineered gadgets: placing an equally sleek, black leather seat does the job to incorporate all these tech items nicely into the rich array of browns featured in the natural wood floor and cabinets. 

Flowing from the living room is the dining area. The deep wood and subtle curves of the chairs complement the straight cuts of the table. Notice the angle of the chair and table legs: about 30 degrees off center, rather than jutting at a harsh 90 degree angle. This seemingly minute detail vastly changes the room and creates a much more open, inviting atmosphere that is typical of the mid-century modern design. 

White lacquer: so sleek, so chic! This ‘dry bar’ table is one of the most beautiful, simple, and sophisticated pieces added to the house. Though small enough to flush against a wall, this narrow two-tiered table is incredibly functional and streamlined, just as mid-century modern designers intended. Setting rich, polished wooden dishes on this white lacquer table catches the eye: an intriguing juxtaposition.


Think this home could get any more serene? Enter: the master bedroom. This room was designed to achieve ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. White bed linens symbolize purity that allow you to begin and end each day with a clean slate. The white bedding and walls also serve to keep the room looking fresh and clean, while the subtle blues and grays in geometric patterns give shape and interest to the room.

As we’ve explained before, part of the mid-century modern look was bringing the outside, in. The decorations featured above the headboard are custom-made driftwood art, reminiscent of birds’ nests or even sea urchins! Up for interpretation, these beautifully unique pieces are meant to remind the inside onlooker of the wonderful world outside.

This home in the Heights serves as an urban oasis for this young, professional couple to escape from bustling city life with their beloved dog. Incorporating natural elements and hazy gray-blue tones with clean, crisp lines and white lacquer achieve the mid-century modern look with sophistication, ease, and simplicity. 

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bathroom: What is Mid-Century Modern? (A short summary)

Not sure exactly what kind of interior design classifies as 'mid-century modern?' Well, you gon' learn today! If you've been a loyal follower of S Squared Design, you've probably seen this term tossed around to describe many projects and pieces. So, what exactly is mid-century modern? 

Obviously, there's an apparent, overarching theme among mid-century modern interiors, but the exact definition of this term is slightly more elusive since styles in this genre can vary so greatly.

Mid-century modern design in America developed roughly from the 1930s through 1960s when the middle class attitudes about wilderness, nature, technology, mobility, and city life began to materialize in interior design. To demonstrate, this remodeled master bathroom employs essential aspects of mid-century modern style from monumental design to minute details. (Hint: keep an eye out for tiling, fixtures, patterns, and appliances that bring elements of nature into a highly functional space!)


Ceramic, ceramic, ceramic!
With its sleek curves and shiny glaze that disperse light throughout a space, it's no wonder that ceramic is a material of choice for mid-century modern designs. (Look up Heath Ceramics founded in 1948!)

Geometry in Nature
Ever seen honey comb in a bee hive? This tessellation of hexagons patterns the floor in this master bathroom with dark grout and bright white tiles. This contrast emphasizes the shape as found in nature, but the small size of the tiles allows this pattern to subtly complement the rest of the bathroom's design.  

Vintage and the Elements
The white ceramic and silver appliances are of course reminiscent of the 1950s. This vintage design juxtaposed with slate stone tiles is another wonderful example of mid-century modern design: natural elements with the 'latest' technology. 

So, there you have it! A quick run-down of mid-century modern style: where nature meets technology in a sleek, 1950s-esque design!

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